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ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay: a variety of teams interested in Roquan and think that he's going to be a face of a defense type player, And i agree. I think he's completely unique. i think Luke Kuechly, That type of impact right away and for countless years on your defense. I study him to Jonathan Vilma. There's a chance Roquan could go as high as No. 6 to indianapolis. If you protect him a bit and cheap jerseys online nhl feed reddit boxing give him some room to work, He has first rate range. He's real bodily. The way he finishes is really really quite impressive. He brings his hips by means of contact. He's a face up tackler, One of the highest quality tacklers in this draft. Then you have third downs nowadays in this NFL, He's just a perfect fit. positive, He can play the run and part time to part time, Really in-born. A lot of guys will make a tackle at the line of scrimmage that he'll make two, Three yards nfl jersey sales chart 2017 conference september 9th in the backfield by way of how fast his eyes are, how soon he closes and how effective he is as a tackler. He will probably be your classic leader by example. While he's a little undersized, He does have the explosiveness and speed to keep himself from being mauled. He was good in 2016 but great in 2017 nfl jersey size chart throwback brewery reviews on my pillow and projects as a player who hasn't tapped his full decent. Smith has Pro Bowl traits and talent and will happen off the board in the first round.
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